Rescuing the River Video Documentary by NJN

Please view the documentary as we kick off the campaign to save the Ramapough Mountain Indian families in Ringwood, N.J. This documentary chronicles the work of many fine people who are working to clean up New Jersey’s longest River Solely in New Jersey. “The Raritan”. One of the Non-Governmental charitable organizations the “Edison Wetlands Association” (EWA) has dedicated their lives to help communities throughout New Jersey and beyond fight for justice and clean and sustainable world. They are bringing that spirit and their unique style of Gonzo environmental activism to fight along side their brothers and sisters who are the last remaining
ancestors of the Ramapough-Lennape Indian Nation. The Ramapough’s have made these mountains their home for generations are fighting USEPA Walter Mugdan, New Jersey GovernorPhil Murphy and dictator in chief Scott Heck the battle for their lives clean air to clean up millions of pounds of leaking toxic paint sludges dumped in the Ringwood State Park and the former iron mines of the Ramapough Mountains.

Please check back in the next few days for our petition and also what you can do to get involved. We will feature videos of the day and introduce you to these amazing indiginoius culture that is the Ramapough-Lennape Indian Nation